What is the movie about?

Secret of Westerplatte - is a patriotic film!

A Polish mega production which presents World War II's first battle - heroic Polish soldiers
defending their Military Transit Depot in Westerplatte against Hitler's invaders.


"The secret of Westerplatte" is a story reporting on one of the most dramatic episodes of World War II. With a population of about 180 soldiers crew for 7 days, several thousand men resisted the Nazi army, supported by heavy artillery, aviation and powerful battleship Schleswig-Holstein.

Written and directed by Paul Chochlew is the author of music - Jan Kaczmarek, and starring Michael Zebrowski, John Englert, Andrzej Grabowski and Robert Żołędziewski.

Premiere of the latest war production took place in Warsaw on March 12, the same day the film was also shown in cinemas in the UK, USA and Australia.