Converting from 2D to 3D Stereoscopy

LG Electronics continues its strategy of partnerships with key technology and 3D productions once again supports the Polish premiere in three dimensions. Already 12 February 2013 on the screens of Polish and foreign cinema will visit "Heroes of Westerpaltte 1939" in digital 3D version. This is the third Polish premiere cinema in three dimensions supported by the brand LG.

LG shows a consistent strategy including the growing trend indicating increasing popularity of movies and entertainment in three dimensions. Currently, Polish film production more and more realized in 3D. The first Polish and European title filmed using advanced 3DS techniques, was "The Battle of Warsaw 1920" co-created by Slawomir Idziak, one of the most talented and experienced cinematographers in the world (nominated for an Oscar for "Black Hawk Down" and many others ). Over time, successive manufacturers have learned that it is worthwhile to support the brave artists who follow the spirit of the new technologies and their 3DS projects do not differ from international standards.

The film "Heroes of Westerpaltte 1939" has undergone a process of conversion from 2D to 3D. Used three-dimensional effect allows viewers to feel like the battle with the soldiers of Westerplatte.

Tomasz Aleksandrzak, marketing director of the Polish branch of LG Electronics, commented on the patronage of the new production:

Support the film "Heroes of Westerpaltte 1939" is a continuation of our assumptions adopted before the making of the film by Jerzy Hoffman's "The Battle of Warsaw 1920". As a leader in 3DS technology, the company wants to audience to enjoy the highest image quality in three dimensions. Involvement in projects related to Polish film is now one of the major initiatives in support of the film industry LG and 3DS technology. We firmly believe that the brave artists who are close to the latest technology, show the way, we should follow the film industry in the coming decades.
Thanks to technological innovations LG Cinema 3D TVs achieve quality three-dimensional image so far known only from the screens. These televisions are equipped with improved conversion module, which provides high-quality 3DS images whatever the original source resolution. The technology allows you to change 2D to 3DS in such a way that the viewer has the impression of watching a movie created in native 3DS.

High quality conversion was achieved by using an improved algorithm for image depth analysis in 6 modes: Overlay, shadow analysis, the prospect of air, linear perspective, the differences in motion and the relative dimension. LG conversion technology is based on optimizing the three-dimensional image by controlling the three-dimensional effects. Maximization of a three-dimensional effect was also achieved by bringing objects to the viewer, so it has felt like coming out of the screen.